The Vulcan lives to fly again…

Jet A1 fuel is a historic jet’s nightmare, because of the high sulphur in the fuel. This chemical slowly corrodes the internal silver components, stripping the surface and eventually resulting in equipment failure. Because of this, Vulcan To The Sky had an urgent need for an alternative to relying on MOD sites to refuel their jet with F34 fuel.

Aljac and Hammonds significant donation in the form of a mobile additive injection unit has helped to save the Vulcan from an abrupt end.

The ability to inject and mix the chemicals needed to create F34 fuel on site, has not only saved the Vulcan from corrosion and equipment failure, but with the sourcing of F34 fuel being as difficult and expensive as it currently is, especially for a group that rely almost entirely on public support, this has given the Vulcan a future.

The Hammonds / Aljac injector unit allows historic jets such as the Vulcan to keep flying. It puts an end to the need for the sourcing of clean, non corrosive fuels and allows groups like Vulcan To The Sky to continue to deliver their promise of ‘honouring the past, inspiring the future.’

Contact Aljac Fuelling Components Limited on +44 (0) 1932 269869 or visit us at for your fuel handling needs and visit Vulcan To The Sky on or call +44 (0) 8455 046558 to keep the Vulcan flying.